Do You Know What You're Really Purchasing Be An Informed Mangosteen Consumer?

Before Purchasing Mangosteen Juice (Especially From The Various Network Marketing Companies) Read This Shocking Report That Was Created By An Industry Insider And Former Employee Of One Of "Those" Juice Companies

10 Jaw Dropping Insider Secrets Revealed about the Mangosteen Juice Industry.

As a courtesy to all of our visitors, we have included reference numbers within the report so that you may scroll down to the bottom of this web page and locate the various websites that talk more in depth about the particular subject matter.

Insider Secret 1: Proprietary Secret Formula Exposed.
Insider Secret 2: Extracts and Concentrates - What You Are Really Consuming.
Insider Secret 3: Did You Know The Mangosteen Juice You're Drinking Is 70% Water
Insider Secret 4: Mangosteen Juice Is Pasteurized Destroying Many Nutrients & Enzymes
Insider Secret 5: Mangosteen Juice Contains Sodium Benzoate Linked To ADHD and Cancer
Insider Secret 6: Is Your Mangosteen Juice Irradiated?
Insider Secret 7: Do You Buy Your Mangosteen Juice From A Network Marketing (MLM) Company?
Insider Secret 8: Do You Really Know What Your Purchasing?
Insider Secret 9: The Right Mangosteen Product To Buy
Insider Secret 10: Free Mangosteen Giveaway - Get Your Free Bottle Today

Mangosteen juice,(1*) made its debut in 2000 and sent shockwaves around the world – from the realm of the homeopathic medicine cabinet to the dietary supplement industry. A number of internationally well-recognized marketing company's were quick to pounce into this marketing area and soon came the mangosteen juice explosion that left everyone talking. Buy Natural Home Cures Freeze Dried Rich Pericarp Mangosteen Capsules


Insider Secret 1: Mangosteen Juice - Proprietary Secret Formula Exposed (2*), (3*)

Proprietary blends although not inherently negative for the consumer, can be very confusing when comparing products. A supplement that lists a “proprietary blend” on the bottle is there for two reasons:

to prevent the competition from copying their formula (referred to as a ‘knock off’).

(2) to hide the fact the mangosteen juice your drinking may contain very little mangosteen in an attempt to fool the consumers by making it look like you are drinking more mangosteen than is actually in the bottle.

How can you tell the difference?
You can’t - without a lot of research and knowledge. Some companies offer an impressive list of ingredients hoping they can justify their premium prices; however unless those ingredients are in proper and abundant proportions, the juice will have no positive health benefits to those consuming it. While other companies attempt to baffle consumers with exclusive proprietary blends that conceal the actual content amounts. Industry experts refer to this tactic as “label decoration.”

Now let us ask this question...
Do you want to do business with a company that is not completely transparent when it comes to disclosing how much mangosteen you are consuming?

If you happen to find a transparent company (almost unheard of in today's industry), look to see if you can find the words “concentrates” or “extracts” on their label, as we will explain in our next section.

Insider Secret 2: Mangosteen “Juice” - Concentrates, Extracts, Purees (4*), (5*), (6*)

Concentrates: A concentrate is a form of a substance that has had the majority of its base component removed.(7*)

Extract: An extract is a substance made by extracting a part of the material, often by using a solvent such as ethanol or water.(8*)

Puree: A process by blending, grounding, mashing, or pressing the mangosteen down to a liquid state.

If you have a bottle of mangosteen juice, read the label to see if you come across the words "Concentrates," "Extracts” or “Puree.” If you see any of these words, then you will know that you have a product mixture that uses a solvent such as ethanol or water in their juice formula. To harness all the health benefits that mangosteen has to offer, you need more than just a mangosteen concentrate, extract, or puree.  You need the mangosteen processed whereby you don't lose the precious xanthones and rich fiber which are the properties that bring about the healthy changes mangosteen is known to possess. Mangosteen juice companies add other fruit juices and purified water to their juice to add bulk and broaden the list of ingredients to justify their premium costs.

According to WebMD, men need 38 grams of fiber while women need 35 grams of daily fiber.(9*) Fiber is known to promote excellent heart health, weight management and energy and is only found in .(10*)

The best way to consume fiber in your daily diet is consuming the whole mangosteen pericarp which many mangosteen juice brands, just do not contain.

Insider Secret #3 - Did You Know The Mangosteen Juice You're Drinking Is 70% Water?

As you read from Insider Secret #1 "Proprietary Blends" hides the true amount of mangosteen used in your mangosteen juice drink. You see all mangosteen juice companies use a mangosteen concentrate as the base of their drinks. Exactly how much mangosteen is in the concentrate and how much mangosteen is in each bottle of juice is anyone’s guess as the manufacturers don't provide this information. However, we do know that it's approximately 70% water and 30% mangosteen concentrate.

The problem with this is that of the 30% mangosteen concentrate that is used the concentrate goes through many steps which destroy most of the nutritive benefits of the mangosteen. Concentrates exist because they’re a convenient way to transport and store the base material.

This is incredibly misleading because, as mangosteen juice (from concentrate) contains about 30% mangosteen. The rest of the “juice” is filtered water, preservatives, sugars, and taste enhancers. These additives are required because the process of making a concentrate destroys the nutrients, color, and taste of the concentrated material (23*) A good rule of thumb is never to drink anything made “From Concentrate” as it’s little more than a sugar-slurry, devoid of any nutrition.

Also, preservatives are added to allow the mangosteen juice an indefinite life once opened and the actual milligrams of active mangosteen ingredient (the xanthones in a whole bottle of mangosteen "health" juice) may be far less than what the average person would consume by eating 20 blueberries or blackberries per day.


Insider Secret #4 - Mangosteen Juice Is Also Pasteurized Destroying Many Of The Mangosteen Nutrients & Enzymes Which Are Important To Your Health

Mangosteen Juice is also required to be pasteurized to prevent the liquid from deteriorating and becoming rancid before the bottle is opened and consumed. This is required because the additives put into the juice may re-contaminate the concentrate material.(25*)

To illustrate this point, let's pretend you have some organic fruits and vegetables that you want to turn into juice. So, you get out your juice extractor, cut up your produce, and after running the pieces through your juicer, the result is a glass of fresh juice. But, now you’ve decided you don’t want to drink the juice right away, so you pour it into a bottle with a tight-fitting lid and place it in the refrigerator. You’re a busy person, so you promptly forget you made this freshly squeezed bottle of juice until the bottle catches your eye about a week later.

You take the bottle out of the fridge, open the top and pour it into a glass but this is NOT the same juice you extracted only a week ago. The liquid you’ve poured out of the bottle is discolored, smells a bit like rot, and is slightly fizzy. What happened?

In short, microorganisms. The earth is teeming with bacteria whose function is to break down organic materials.(26*) It’s why bananas rot and why bread goes moldy. It’s tough to avoid all these microorganisms unless you’re working in a clean-room which isn’t practical.  Generally, the more sugar something has, the faster it’s broken down by these little workers as it’s their preferred fuel source. Unfortunately, Mangosteen juice is full of natural and added sugar to make it taste palatable. Without pasteurization, the juice would rot in the bottle long before it got to you, the consumer.

Flash Pasteurization involves heating the mangosteen juice for approximately 20 - 30 seconds then immediately cooling it. By only briefly subjecting the mangosteen juice to high temperatures, most -- but not all -- taste and color changes are avoided. Flash pasteurization is preferred to other methods because it removes most of the microbes and destroys only some of the beneficial phytonutrients found in mangosteen juice.(27*)


Insider Secret #5 - Mangosteen Juice Contains Sodium Benzoate (Benzyne) Has Been Linked To ADHD & Hyperactivity In Children & Is Also A Known Cancer-Causing Agent

Sodium benzoate is a common preservative used in mangosteen juice products. Although it allows for a long shelf-life, you’ll soon realize it’s nothing you’ll want to drink.

Sodium Benzoate is a naturally occurring chemical, but it can also be synthetically produced from benzoic acid.(24*) The synthetic variety of sodium benzoate is much more concentrated than its natural counterpart. This preservative readily combines with vitamin C to create Benzyne—a known cancer-causing agent.(24*)

Further, studies have linked sodium benzoate to ADHD and hyperactivity in children. Finally, in a study where sodium benzoate was added to in-vitro human cells, it was shown to greatly increase the DNA damage.(24*)  Within those cells which may be correlated with an increased risk of cancer and other deleterious effects.


Insider Secret 6: Is Your Mangosteen Juice Irradiated?

Irradiation is a high-tech way of treating the mangosteen juice you consume through the use of 10 Kilorays of ionizing radiation – a bacteria-killing surge of energy equal in power to 150 million chest X-rays.(11*) 

The purpose is to remove, bacteria, fungi or insects (such as the Asian fruit fly that is transported from Asia through food entering into North America) and to prevent agricultural cross contamination.(12*) The drawback to irradiating mangosteen juice is that it depletes many of its vitamins such as A, thiamine, B2, B3, B6, B12, folic acid, C, E, and K as well as some of its amino and essential polyunsaturated fatty acids.(13*) Carcinogens can also be deposited in irradiated foods, which you then consume when you eat the food.

In recent experiments conducted by German scientists, one of these chemicals, 2-dodecyl cyclobutanone ¾ or 2-DCB ¾ was shown to cause genetic damage when given to rats and genetic and cellular damage to human and rat cells.(14*) Two other chemicals in the cyclobutanone family 2-TCB ¾ and 2-TDCB ¾ were also shown to cause genetic and cellular damage to human cells.(15*), (16*)

Only whole fruits such as those found in liquid mangosteen juice need to be irradiated. Our Natural Home Cures Freeze Dried Rich Pericarp Mangosteen is not irradiated. So, you can rest assured that you will receive only 100% non-irradiated mangosteen.

Insider Secret 7: Do You Buy Your Mangosteen Juice From A Network Marketing (MLM) Company?

It is amazing how many people fall for those Network Marketing (MLM) rags to riches scams that allow themselves to get conned into dreams of, with almost no effort, the "champagne and caviar" lifestyle.

99% of all network marketers, break even or worse lose their money and are left with shattered dreams and empty pockets while they have just made someone else rich (usually the company owners or their very close associates.)(17*), (18*)

For those unaware of Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), let me spell it out for you.(19*) 

Network marketing (MLM) is a marketing strategy in which the company’s sales force is compensated, not only for sales they personally generate but also for the sales of the salespeople that they recruit. This recruited sales force is referred to as the participant's downline and can provide multiple levels of compensation.

MLM companies have been a frequent subject of criticism as well as the target of many lawsuits. Criticism has focused on their similarity to illegal pyramid schemes. Consumers are subjected to price fixing of products, high initial start-up costs, emphasis on recruitment and weekly/monthly quotas.

How inflated are the prices for a bottle of mangosteen juice sold through the Network Marketing (MLM) industry? Typically a 25 oz. Bottle of mangosteen juice sells for $39.95/bottle. The recommended dosage is one to three ounces of juice a day, so it is not surprising to see that most consumers pay over $100/month for their mangosteen juice supply.(20*), (21*)

Now compare that to the average 25 oz. bottle of premium juice sold at the supermarket which can range from $5-$10/bottle. Do you want to know why the supermarket juice is only $5 - $10/bottle compared to $39.95/bottle sold by the Network Marketing-(MLM)-Pyramid Companies? Network Marketing-(MLM)-Pyramid Companies are forced to charge this amount to offset the average 60% commission rates they pay out to all of their distributors (downline).

Think about it, the first 60% of your money or $24 of the $39.95 goes to pay 10 or more levels of distributors who each collect a piece of your payment. Making the real cost of the juice $15.95 which itself is still pretty pricey.

Now would you like to know the real cost to manufacture a 25 oz bottle of mangosteen juice? Just $3.75/bottle.
Doesn't it just make sense to save your money and buy your mangosteen from a mangosteen manufacturer instead?


Insider Secret 8: Do You Really Know What Your Purchasing?

Natural Home Cures wants to give you the knowledge and power to make an informed purchasing decision. Below are two well-recognized international network marketing (mlm) mangosteen suppliers and Natural Home Cures Freeze Dried Rich Pericarp Mangosteen capsules (we will talk more about Natural Home Cures in just a moment.) We have listed the first letter of their names only. Although, with a little research you'll quickly be able to identify the companies.

Natural Home Cures Mangosteen Comparison Chart
(View the NHC Mangosteen product label, a new browser/window will open.)

Company X does not disclose its ingredients or the quantity of mangosteen it uses, citing "This is a closely guarded secret to prevent other company's from copying us." Say What?!?!

Red Flag: Why would you consume something without first knowing exactly what it is?

Natural Home Cures through an independent laboratory has been able to determine that this company only has 7 mg/ounce of mangosteen, which works out to 0.025% of mangosteen in each bottle, and the rest of the mangosteen juice is made up of 99.975% other fruit juices. So ask yourself, why are you paying premium dollar for a product that consists of apple juice, blueberry juice, cherry juice, cranberry juice, grape juice, pear juice, pear puree, raspberry juice, strawberry juice, and sodium benzoate?

Company V also includes 12 full-spectrum vitamins, 65 essential minerals, decaffeinated green tea and whole leaf aloe vera in its bottles of mangosteen juice. However, the sole purpose of consuming mangosteen juice is for the xanthones which are only found in the mangosteen's pericarp.

Our Natural Home Cures Freeze Dried Rich Pericarp Mangosteen comes in 120 capsules per bottle with 515 mg of mangosteen per capsule. To equal one capsule of Natural Home Cures Freeze Dried Mangosteen, you would have to drink 72 ounces of Company X's juice at the cost of $105. With Company V, you would need 8 ounces of juice at the cost of $8.50. 

Between Mangosteen Juice Being 70% Water, Preservatives, Sodium Benzoate, Pasteurized, & Irradiated Leading To ADHD, Hyperactivity, & Cancer - It's Surprising Companies Call Their Overpriced Mangosteen Juice A Health Beverage & Even More Shocking Consumers Are Still Buying & Drinking It - Are You? 


 Insider Secret 9: The Right Mangosteen Product To Buy

If you’re interested in the incredible benefits of mangosteen, there’s no doubt you’ve seen the countless different varieties of mangosteen supplements on the market today. Now is a good time to introduce you to Natural Home Cures Freeze Dried Rich Pericarp Mangosteen Capsules.

At Natural Home Cures, we use the process of freeze drying because it’s the only way to take raw mangosteen and create a stable, nutritionally complete supplement.(22*) 

Freeze drying refers to the process of taking biological material which is naturally high in water, freezing it and then extracting the ice from that material. Freeze drying is the only process known to preserve biological material in its entirety without destroying the fruits’ or vegetables’ enzymes and nutrients.(28*)

Natural Home Cures places the mangosteen in temperature and pressure-controlled environment. The pressure is lowered to such a significant degree that the ice in the mangosteen "sublimates"—turns from solid to liquid, bypassing the liquid phase. The result is a stable substance with a long shelf life that is lightweight and maintains its nutritional content. To understand how freeze-drying works, we need to explore how the relationship between temperature and pressure affects states of water.(29*)

When we use the term "states of water," we are referring to the solid, liquid, and gas states of water. For example, water in its solid state is ice, water in its liquid form is water, and water in its gaseous form is steam.

Atmospheric pressure affects how long it takes for a substance to move through the various states of matter. As a rule, low temperatures and high pressures favor a solid state while high temperatures and low pressures favor a gaseous state. But pressure can be manipulated to create an even more dramatic effect in phase change called sublimation. This is where water changes phases from a solid directly to a gas: If the pressure is sufficiently low even in the absence of high heat, ice will sublimate.(31*)

Freeze drying results in a pure supplement with all its nutrients intact. It also creates a lightweight supplement which drastically cuts down on shipping costs which means added savings for you. Finally, if you live a busy lifestyle, it’s much more convenient to take a few capsules vs. drink a glass of watered down, full of preservatives and radiation, mangosteen juice.

When choosing a mangosteen supplement, make sure you’re selecting one that provides all the health benefits that you are paying for and one that only Natural Home Cures delivers. Natural Home Cures has been a global health and wellness mangosteen leader for 15 years and has many first-time client specials to try. Just click on the bottle below and you will be taken to the order page to see the current offerings or if you are looking at mangosteen for the first time see the complete list of what our Natural Home Cures Freeze Dried Rich Pericarp Mangosteen can do for you and your family.


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